Stopping Forum Spam before it Burns You Out

Stopping forum spam is something that many forum owners like you and I would love to do. Could you imagine someone stopping forum spam to the point that forum owners would no longer have to deal with spam on their message forums? Stopping forum spam on a permanent basis sounds way too good to be true and that is because it is too good to be true. You will never see a time where stopping forum spam is a one-time thing – as long as there are forums, forum spam will exist.


Stopping Forum Spam

Stopping forum spam is a big thing to a message forum owner and also annoying!


Stopping forum spam on your own forum is a challenge and often times a pain in the you know what. I go through it! You go through it! Most forum owners go through it! However what kind of toll is stopping forum spam taking on us? Removing spam and banning spammers is probably one of the most active a frequent duties you have on your message forum. It can get annoying especially if you get spammed every day. So instead of getting burned out on running a message forum because of stopping forum spam is becoming monotonous – let’s try to mitigate as much spam as possible on your forum so that you don’t have to worry about it so much.


Stopping Forum Spam Tip #1: Knock it off with the back links!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a forum owner is trying to gain so many back links. See back links are not as good as forum owners may think! Getting as many back links as you can and stopping forum spam goes hand in hand, that is if you want to be stopping forum spam on a daily basis. Listen, the more back links you are getting, the more spam bots and human spammers are discovering your message forum. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t get any back links developed for your forum – I am saying that you should focus on websites that actually give worth to your message forum for getting a back link on them. Don’t just post back link submissions on every link farm and link directory you can find because those are the sites often infested with spam bots just waiting to discover your message forum so they can advertise all over it.


Stopping Forum Spam Tip #2: Pay attention to the spamming details!

When stopping forum spam, most forum owners just remove the content and ban the spammer. It’s fairly uniform right? But is it the right way to go about stopping forum spam? Not really! You want to take the time to observe your forum spammers. What I mean by this is look at how they spammed your forum, what boards they are choosing the most and what information they have placed in their profiles. The key to paying attention to the details here is by being able to gather the knowledge needed to be able to identify a spammer very quickly before they can do any serious damage to your forum. Knowing who a spammer is before they spam your forum really helps out a lot in stopping forum spam before your members can even see it on the forum. This should always be an objective because a lot of times, too much spam on your forum can result in the spam pushing members away from your forum.


Stopping Forum Spam Tip #3: The almost unbeatable anti-spam tactic!

Security questions! It is as simple as that – in my nearly 20 years of running websites, I have never seen an anti-spam tactics result in more success than with security questions. Security questions are not hard to read like CAPTCHA and they don’t require specific browsers or software in order to be seen like some of these fancy video game CAPTCHA systems. And services like, reCAPTCHA… Oh man, that has been broken for as long as I can remember. The tactic to use is security questions. Create a question that is moderately hard but can be easily answered based on a simple Google search result. Make the question related to your forum niche so that a real member is probably going to know the answer. A real person who really wants to join your forum is going to look up the answer – a spammer or spam bot is probably not going to look up the answer and just move on to their next victim. Security questions makes stopping forum spam a breeze.


Thank you for reading my article about stopping forum spam before it stops you from having an interest in continuing to run your message forum. I really do hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it helps you in stopping forum spam on your own community. Please help support me for writing this article by simply sharing it with other forum owners and on your favorite social networking profiles as well. Consider following this blog on Facebook and Twitter for more tips on stopping forum spam and other forum management topics.


Your turn! What tactics are you using on your forum for stopping forum spam? Has stopping forum spam ever made you feel like you were getting tired of managing your message forum? How did you eve get over it if you did that is?